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More on Lucid Dreaming 3

Image via Wikipedia In the previous article I mentioned that remembering and journaling your dreams is a good way to begin lucid dreaming. Consciously remembering and writing down your dreams has the effect of programming your mind to stay more conscious during the dream state. Sometimes this exercise alone is […]

Revenge Conversation

Here is the begining of a conversation I am having with a friend. I’m curious about y’alls thoughts on revenge.

My friend-

As I was asked about revenge I thought i’d put it to everyone and see what your opinions are?


From me first

What society young and old think about revenge…if you seek revenge you have a lot of controversial history and probably a good dose of primitive genes spurring you on!

My Jury duty experience 3

This week was my turn to serve my community as a jurist. Several things about the experience is worth, in my opinion, sharing and venting about. The county needed to sit two juries this week, so summoned a total of 256 citizens to choose from. 75 of us showed up. The rest were sited for contempt of court and fined $500.00 each. (Do the math! That’s quite a chunk of change…) My concern with this lack of civic responsibility is it is one of the complaints one hears… ‘The jury was crooked… The system just sucks!

Good and Evil 2


A debate continues to exist between mankind on whether morality is fundamental or relative. Does underlying foundational truth define our moral actions or does civil indoctrination determine our morality and ethics; are actions truly good or evil?

I believe both a foundational truth of good and evil and our relative understanding and adoption of the truth of good and evil exists. What say you?


Eretz Israel

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