Welcome to the Grand Re-Opening!

PathsToKnowledge is back up as a home for discussion and socializing on matters of spirituality, religion, philosophy and science. We have moved all our original posts and discussions over from the old Drupal system to WordPress. I found with Drupal I was spending more time tweeking than posting. Catagories are still in disarray, so if you really need to find an old conversation quickly, use the search bar.

My philosophy for this revamped site is to connect it as much as possible to other social and Web 2.0 services. There’s no point in creating yet another social network. In that spirit, I’ve installed Disqus as the commenting system. You can still post comments without signing up for anything, but if you sign up with Disqus.com, you can track all your comments on the various blogs that use Disqus in a central location. Disqus will become, in effect, the “forum” of the website.

Meebo.com’s “rooms” are going to be used for the chat functionality. The button on the top menu works currently, and allows guests to login. We’ll have to build up some regular users and set some meeting times for chat to be worthwhile.

We’ll be adding more connections to Facebook, Twitter and similar social services in the next few days, so that PathsToKnowlege will become a social spirituality site that you can access in whatever way fits in with your particular style.

You can also, of course, sign up for an account right here on the website itself, the old-fashioned way. This will allow you to post articles on the main page, rather than simply contributing comments or creating new threads on the Disqus community page.

Yes, all the options are a bit more complex than the old way, but you’re smart people. You’ll figure it out. Have fun.

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