Gemstones of the Archangels

There are many many different lists of archangels and their corresponding associations. Here is a list of archangels used by Doreen Virtue in her angel work, together with their correspondig gemstones:

Jeremiel amethyst

Raphael emerald or malachite

Chamuel greel fluorite

Uriel amber

Metatron watermelon tourmaline

Zadkiel lapis lazuli

Raguel aquamarine

Raziel clear quartz

Jophiel pink rubelite (or other dark pink crystal)

Azrael calcite

Ariel rose quartz

Gabriel citrine (or copper)

Michael sugalite

Sandalphon turquoise

Haniel moonstone

Yes, that seems to add up to 15, which isn't a number I'm familiar with, but when working with angels, expect a lot of variation in the information.

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