The Evidence of Near Death Experiences

 Near Death Tunnel

One of the most interesting collections of evidence for the existence of a soul separate from the body (and mind separate from the brain) is the study of NDE, or Near Death Experience.

These are reported (in about 18% of cases) when someone is clinically dead, but is later revived. The reports of these experiences have been assembled and analyzed by the hundreds, and show many common patterns and similar experiences. The experiences are typically very spiritual in nature, and very positive – even life-transforming.

Several Things which make NDE interesting are:

  • Information is typically reported by the experiencer which would have been difficult or impossible to obtain by normal physical means. NDE experiencers frequently report details of conversations occurring in other rooms, descriptions of medical equipment and procedures they did not actually observe, and even, as in the case of Maria, interviewed by Kimberly Clark, the location of a tennis shoe on an outside window ledge. It is, of course, difficult to ever completely rule out that an NDE experiencer could have obtained this information elsewhere – but the experience is extremely typical of a large number of NDE cases. For example:
    • Dr. George Rodonaia correctly diagnosed a broken arm in an infant who was crying in another room. The staff of the hospital had not realized the infant’s arm was broken until Dr. Rodonaia reported it after his NDE.
    • In a study published in Lancet by Dr. Pim van Lommel one of the patients studied told the staff where his dentures had been stored by a nurse while he was in a deep coma being resuscitated.
    • Joyce Harmon, an ICU worker, had a resuscitated patient comment on the plaid shoelaces she had worn the day the patient had been resuscitated – something the patient had only seen by “looking down” on the scene.

Many more such instances are recorded, for example, at . This type of information is very common in NDE experiences.

  • In the cases of many NDE’s – the experience is reported to occur when not only the heart, but the brain is clinically dead. (See this explanation of the medical evidence) This is particularly interesting in the case of Pam Reynolds, who experienced a very lucid NDE, including observations of the surgical equipment, while in hypothermic cardiac arrest induced in order to operate on a basilar artery aneurysm. In Pam’s case, not only was the heart stopped, but all blood was drained from the brain and absolutely no brain activity was detectible.

It seems difficult to explain lucid, detailed experiences reported while the brain is completely flat-lined as any phenomena resulting from brain activity. In the article already cited above, Dr van Lommel explained why explaining the NDE as anoxia or other biological phenomena did not fit the observed results.

See notes on NDE Explanations

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