NDE Explanations

Possible Explanations of Near Death Experiences 


While there are "explanations" of Near Death Experiences, those explanations tend to be inadequate.


  • While hallucinogens and anoxia may be able to produce visions, the particular character of NDE’s is unique. NDE’s are always highly meaningful and vivid, with a full sense of consciousness and identity.
  • If anoxia is the cause of NDE’s, then why is it that not everyone suffering brain anoxia experiences an NDE, and why is it that some have NDE’s when they do not have brain anoxia at all?
  • Psychological explanations are inadequate. Children and adults have similar NDE experiences, and they are often experienced by people who do not realize they are dead (and hence have no fear of death generating the experience).
  • Both physical and psychological explanations ignore the lack of physical evidence for brain activity. If the conscious experiences reported in NDE’s are neurochemical, they would presumably have to generate brain activity perceptible on a monitor. In many of the cases of NDE, particularly Pam Reynolds, there was no brain activity whatsoever. It’s difficult to buy a physical explanation of the phenomena when there is no physical evidence of it.
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